New Dentures by Post in the UK.

Very unique services of making dentures directly to you. You dont have to make and appointment and wait . All you need to do is to make  simple measurements yourself by following our step by step video.

All types of New Dentures and Dentures Replacements are made in our private laboratory and Denture Clinic.  We are vastly exprienced in providing a home visit full denture service. Our home visit services are only available in the South Yorkshire area. Please visit our ComfiDenture site for more details about home visits or contact on 01709 838356 Mon-Friday 9am-5pm

Our dentures by post services are only offered to people living in UK.  

When you decide on the type of Denture Service you would like to order from us, we need you to place an order and then we send you materials you need to make measurements. You send us your measurements and detailed requirements and we produce you a new dentures and send it to you by post. 

Our dentures are prooven to be very comfortable and durable. 

You can have your New Dentures made in just 5 working days. 

We have very affordable prices for New Dentures and very experianced team of Clinical Dental Technician.





HomeDentureDirect LTD
Address: Unit 2, Rother Court, Mangham Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S62 6DR
Telephone: 01 709 83 83 56