Denture Duplication

Denture Duplication

You get duplication of your existing denture(s) with the choise of teeth color you would like to have. The fit of the dentures will be exactly the same as your old one(s).

To improve on the fit as well we suggest you to choose DuplicationPlus product.

If you want to have a spare emergency dentures this this the product to choose. You dont have to spend a forture on this and know that you have a security of spare dentures. And you can enhance it by choosing brighter teeth in color. 

Simply choose the product you would like to have and place the order. You can choose several products at once if you wish.

We will send you materials you need to make nessesary measurements . The detailed explanation of the procedures together with the video you can find in our Resources page. After we received measurements from you, will process it withing 4-5 working days and send it back to you.

All the work is 2 years guarantee which cover denture breakage.

If any discomfort present in new set, please contact us as soon as you can on 01709 838356.

One denture (Upper or Lower)
Standard Basic Type £150
Primary Quality Denture Duplication £350
Cosmetic Denture with improved occlusion and High Impact Acrylic £500
Set of Dentures (Upper and Lower)
Upper and Lower Basic £350
Upper and Lower Prime Quality £700
Upper and Lower Cosmetic Set £1000
Spherical Lining £120
Soft Lining £80
Total: £0